Model Health Care specializes in our AccuPac system. What this means to your facility is there is no reordering of routine medications.  Our medications are automatically cycled and inspected before being shipped out to their respective facilities.  Also, since the strip packaging is sealed, you can drastically reduce your drug waste and only be billed for what you use by returning unused strips to us.


What is

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Complete unit-dose compliance packaging system that is electronically verified by InspectRx.

  •   24hr Strip Packaging.
  •   Automatic 7-Day Cycle - No reordering of routine meds.
  •   Improves patient compliance.
  •   Reduced drug waste.
  •   Facility only gets billed for what they use.
  •   Medication container with medications can be discharged home with patients.

Now Featuring AccuPac ALF 

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Key Features of Our Services:

  •   Automatic medication cycles.
  •   Drug-Drug Interaction and Drug Allergy Screening on all patients.
  •   24 hour emergency service and scheduled deliveries 7 days a week.
  •   House medications at below wholesale prices.
  •   Competitive pricing for private pay patients.
  •   We provide state-of-the-art medication carts.
  •   Pharmacy is open 24/7.

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