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pharmacist2Our training staff is always here when you need us. We provide LVN IV Certification courses, training in Diabetes Management, geriatric nursing principles and so much more. Just take a look below and all that we have to offer.

Nursing Education:

  •  LVN IV Certification Course: Theory and Clinical Skills
  •  Training in PICC and Midline Placement
  •  IV Standards of Practice and Skills Update
  •  Central Line Management


Continuing Education:

  •  CAN Training-Care of the IV Resident
  •  IV Skills Review
  •  Assessing the Resident for IV Therapy-Diagnosis, Lab Tests, and Symptoms
  •  Diabetes Management
  •  Infection Control-MRSA, VRSA, AIDS, Hepatitis (A thru F)
  •  Tuberculosis in an Aging Population-Transmission, Treatment, Prevention
  •  Geriatric Nursing Principles
  •  CE Provider Approved by BRN
  •  New-Medication Administration Compliance Modules

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